Command Line for Developers by Mike Buss

Command Line for Developers

Learn the command line, supercharge your productivity.

What's included?


Why take a course like this?
Basics, navigation, directories, and files
Learn the anatomy of the prompt
Getting help when you need it
Navigation and working with directories
Working with files
Finding things
Explaining sudo and basic permissions
Intermediate tools and automation
Standard input and standard output
Aliases, shell functions, history substitution, quoting, and wildcards
Basic shell scripting
Intermediate shell scripting, logic
Cron jobs with the whenever gem
Accepting input in scripts
Using && and || and others when running commands
Handling processes
Rapidly synchronizing across computers
Must-have tools for making the CLI less frustrating
Find the best cheat sheets with
Using tmux to simplify background jobs, tmuxinator for automatic workspace recovery
Learn how to interact with an API using httpie
Learn web-search-cli for searching google from the command line
Find differences with diff and icdiff
Finding things with grep
Working with dates and times
Finding processes and killing them
See where system resources are going with top
Working with background jobs
Fixing typos in commands with ^typo_cmd^correct_cmd and more
“Bang!”, everything is better now! and "fuck"
Using the “tee” command to show something in the terminal AND write it to a file
Master shortcuts like !!, !^, !*, !$, !?keyword?, !, and !N to fix mistakes quickly
Introducing Vim
How to learn the basics of vim
Running commands directly from vim
Basic vim customization
Vim dotfiles like spf13
Introducing git
Introduction to git
A basic git workflow for developers
Practical applications for developers
Using fastlane to automate iOS deploys
Regularly interacting with API's and processing their data with HTTPie, jq, and whenever
Notifying a Slack channel when something happens
Getting notifications on your phone when a script finishes with Pushover
Starting a Bitrise build from the command line
Working with IFTTT through the command line
Using GitHub through the command line with Hub
Generating marketing screenshots of iOS using moibicon-cli
Using an alternative terminal like iTerm2 instead of Terminal on macOS
What are “dotfiles” and why are they amazing?
Changing the color scheme
Updating your prompt the manual way
Use “Spaceship ZSH” for an awesome off-the-shelf prompt
Updating your prompt the quick and easy way by using a framework like Prezto or oh-my-zsh
Installing and using plugins
Using the command line on the go
iOS Shortcuts